Monday, September 27, 2010

In my last few articles, I discussed about “Font is a face of human emotions & thinking”, “Indian language font” & “Keyboard handler - one of the most important aspects of Indian language computing”.

Today, I wish to inform & discuss on another aspect of Indian language computing.

Before that, I propose, suggest & wish that all the computer users do a small survey/analysis on their own and in their own capacity of their actual usage of computer on day-to-day basis.

Small & quick exercise

  • Whatever number of hours (available only from 24 hours per day) that You spend while using Your office PC/home PC?
  • Find out how many times You use software tools like MS Word/Word processing tool from Sun or from IBM or from Corel?
  • Find out how many times You use software tool like MS Excel and similar tool?
  • Find out how many times You use software tool like MS Power Point and similar tool from other companies?
  • Find out how many times You use MS Outlook or only Outlook Express and/or similar emailing tool from other companies?
  • Find out how many times You use MS Word to send emails or MS Outlook or Outlook Express or similar tool to send emails?
  • By the way, all this has to be found out while using Indian languages on computers and that is very important.

Write down the analysis.

You must have realised that, in normal course of time, it is the word processor tool and email client software tool that gets used maximum than any other software tools like MS Excel/similar tool from other companies, MS Power Point/similar tool from other companies, etc.

Here I am not touching any other customised applications/ready made products like ERP, SAP, BAAN, Tally, CRM, SCM, PDM, PLM, CAD tools, etc. etc.

Now when we talk about word processing, have you ever calculated number of functions/features of word processing tool that we use?

OK. Let me list down few functions those are used in maximum percentage namely:-

  • Page set up – Left Margin, Right Margin, Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Page Number, Page Border, paper size, etc.
  • Paragraph & various attributes of paragraph like left indent, right indent, line space between 2 lines, line space between 2 paragraphs, bulleted text & so on.
  • Page Header & Page Footer
  • Page Preview, page print, etc.
  • Insert Date & time, Image, Picture, Sound file & repetitive words like sir, dear sir, yours, truly yours, yours sincerely, Page Break, Symbol, Background, Comment, Table, Hyperlink, Word Art, etc. etc.
  • Find & replace, Select all, Copy, cut & paste
  • Save file – in MS Word format, in text format, in PDF format, etc.
  • Email file – as attachment and/or as preview

Now for all the above functions, Indian linguistic users pay huge price tag (Rs. 16,000/- per PC) to Microsoft Corporation for buying standard MS Office and they use only 20% features of MS Word, lesser features of MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Outlook.

Now have you realised how all legal users of MS Office (across India) made Microsoft so much rich when similar product was very much available in India and from India.

Tool name is Patrika word processor.

  • Patrika is shipped with every Shree-Lipi pack. Patrika is also a part of Ankur Office.
  • Patrika used to get bundled and used to get shipped with all TVS Electronics’s bilingual dot matrix printers as well as bilingual keyboards.
Apart from above mentioned features, Patrika word processor has got some unique features like:-

  • Complete menu in all Indian languages including English.
  • Patrika can be used for all Indian languages including English.
  • Documents created in Patrika can be saved in PDF format, they can be saved in MS Word DOC format & they can be saved in TXT format too.
When I was interviewed by judge panel of Infosys-CSI foundation? Panel got so much impressed that they awarded Ankur Office (Patrika word processor is part of Ankur Office product) as India’s best shrink wrapped packaged product. We received certificate, trophy as well as cash award from Infosys-CSI foundation for Ankur Office.

In case, You have not seen Patrika word processor? Ask for the demo immediately and/or call me on Skype. My Skype id is “Phadke1”. i can give on-line demo.

(Thoughts mentioned in above article are writer’s sole thoughts. You may agree, You may not. You can be connected with writer, Mr. Phadke Subodhkumar Narayan via email and his email ID is . Writer is associated with Modular InfoTech and writing is his passion apart from many activities that he do in his personal as well as professional life)

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