Monday, September 13, 2010

Express Your thoughts & emotions with appropriate and accurate computer font

In my last article, I wrote/informed, “Font is true face of human emotions & human thinking”.

Now let us try to understand, read & get more knowledge about “Font”. Here, we are discussing only about “computer font” and various attributes/shades/types/typeface/glyph code attached with “computer font” and restricted with Indian languages.

Before I write about “Indian language font”, I want to narrate/inform about normal thing that we experience everyday.

I am sure you must have heard, seen, tested & eaten “Dahi Wada” and/or “Dahi Idli”. Both are south Indian dishes. Fact of the life is, our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, friends, relatives & wife too can cook & prepare wonderful & healthy “Dahi Wada” and/or “Dahi Idli” in home than any restaurant. I am hopeful that you may not disagree. Let me repeat, You may not disagree.

Home made “Dahi Wada” and/or “Dahi Idli” (and for that matter any eating dish) is far better than we eat outside and specifically in hotels/restaurants. However & having said this, why we invest our valuable time & spend 10 times more money on these dishes & eat in hotels/restaurants?

Reason is very simple.

The way both these dishes are served & garnished is the major difference. In addition to this, the way these food items are served in ambiance & in time line.

Similarly, when we write anything on computer (article, resume, email, answer paper, book, thesis, white paper, blog article, newspaper, union agreements, agreements with landlord, appointment letter, invoice, delivery challan, cheque, etc.) and express our thoughts & emotions (via writing). These emotions/thoughts must be expressed in appropriate & accurate words/lines. In addition to this, by selecting appropriate font/font face. Font face is also called as “Typeface”. These thoughts must carry all those emotions that we all have in our mind when we write these thoughts.

These thoughts & emotions come out from our mind via words, lines, phrases, quotes, sentences (small/long), paragraphs, punctuation marks & above all symbols. All these (thoughts + expressions attached to writing) are represented by a font when we print that document, when we email that document and/or when we publish that document on Internet.

Now these thoughts & emotions are meant for reading purpose. I am sure on this statement You will not disagree. Now it becomes important that, these thoughts & emotions must reach to the reader’s mind/heart/soul.

No doubt, words/lines/phrases/quotes are going to play a major role in writing. However to garnish & to present our thoughts/emotions, font makes a major difference.

That is why, when you start writing anything on computer, you must possess & use an appropriate font that can express your emotions & thinking perfectly.

In turn, it becomes extremely important to have large library of fonts in your PC so that when you write, you have an appropriate & accurate choice of font to select.

Now in this area, Shree-Lipi & font library supplied with Shree-Lipi makes the difference.

Shree-Lipi package come with large number of fonts/type faces. Please check out model for exact number of fonts. Shree-Lipi comes with following types of fonts namely:-

  • Monolingual are the fonts that come with alphabets in local language with numerical numbers in local language or English language
  • Suchi bilingual fonts come with alphabets in local language as well in English language with numerical numbers in English language only.
  • In addition to above, Indian symbols, Indian celebrity font, Election font, border fonts, religious symbols, English fonts, Diacritical English fonts, etc.

Shree-Lipi is like basket of fonts. Chose appropriate one according to event, task in hand, emotions & thoughts. Let Your emotions & thoughts be understood by the reader accurately. Your writing is important. Nevertheless, do not ignore font that comes with various emotions & shades.

So next time, when You start Your PC or MAC and start writing on computer in Indian languages, think about Shree-Lipi and the basketful fonts that come with Shree-Lipi.

If You wish to know more about this? Write to me. You can talk to me on GTalk using or or or or You can also talk to me using Skype and my Skype ID is “Phadke1”.

  • Modular has also developed Shree Dynamic fonts. These fonts can be used for web site/web portal development. These are very important fonts. These fonts reside on web site/portal server. These fonts dynamically arrive on viewer’s machine (without him/her coming to know about it) and in turn, he/she is able to view web site/portal in respective language. These fonts are available in EOT format compatible for Internet browser. Please note. Never ever, use TTF Indian language fonts for web site/portal. If someone uses also, those site will not visible across the globe on viewer’s machine since these fonts may not be available. In turn, viewer will see only junk characters and then You may loose the viewer. One viewer lost. = 6000 users lost and that is the power of Internet medium. So be aware & be alert.
  • Modular has also developed & designed large number of Unicode compliant fonts for web based applications. These fonts can be used for interactive web based web application like chat, SMS, comments, polls, data entry, etc.

If You wish to know more about “Font” as subject and “Computer Font” as subject, please do visit following web links. These web links can empower You about technical details about font/computer font.


(Thoughts mentioned in above article are writer’s sole thoughts. You may agree, You may not. You can be connected with writer, Mr. Phadke Subodhkumar Narayan via email and his email ID is . Writer is associated with Modular InfoTech and writing is his passion apart from many activities that he do in his personal as well as professional life)

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