Monday, September 6, 2010

Shree-Lipi is different

“Font is a human face of his/her emotions, expressions & thinking. “

"Till the time mankind planet is going to move, need of printed publication & need of digital/electronic publication is not going to wither away. And in this, font will play a major role”

Now these are the two basic & important lines, on which Modular Systems, Pune started back in Year 1983.

In due course of
time, i am going to write & empower You on many subjects about Modular and how Modular is very unique organisation from India helping fellow citizens across the globe. Truly, Modular is doing a great job of bringing down digital divide.

To start with, i wish to inform You and empower You about Shree-Lipi and how this name came in existence. Shree-Lipi, very poetic & well thought name given by Modular InfoTech’s founders to their font software product. Shree-Lipi is India’s fastest & largest sold packaged software product. Still being sold in numbers.

Let us find out how Shree-Lipi name was given to this versatile & highly popular multilingual & multipurpose software product.
  • Shree is the first word that is taught by every mother to any newborn child in India.
  • While doing so, most of the mother’s do use black slate & white pencil and teaches their kids how to write “Shree”.
  • There is also a mythological story behind “Shree” word.
  • You might be aware that “Shree” is linked with Hindu God, Ganapati/Gajanan.
  • Other popular names for Ganapati are Ganesh, Vinayak, Gajanan, Vakratund & many more.
  • It is said that (Please note. i have no validation tool to prove about this since i also about this from my grand parents.) it was “Shree Gajanan” who taught us India how to write.
  • Shree Gajanan is praised by many people (mostly Hindu’s) across the living planet and recognised as father/Guru of all Vidya (Vidya = knowledge).
  • May be because of this story heard by many mothers in their childhood, every mother teaches her son/daughter, the first word as “Shree”.
  • Now let us understand Lipi.
  • Lipi means the way we write on paper, on wall, on floor, on slate, on black/white board and write electronically on PC, on tablet PC, iPad, PDA & Mobile phones using application software products available on chargeable basis and/or free.
  • Writing is called as Lipi in Sanskrit language.
Shree-Lipi & fonts supplied with Shree-Lipi helps multilingual Indian IT users to write their emotions & their thinking in their mother language.

  • They can use Shree-Lipi fonts, available in huge numbers (please check various models in Shree-Lipi for number of fonts).
  • These fonts are designed & developed with different face, different moods & with variety of emotions.
  • Modular has developed one of the largest libraries of all Indian language fonts, decorative fonts, border fonts, symbol fonts, special fonts, etc. These fonts can be used in many computer applications (software products) that are available & used by computer users.
  • Applications like MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, Open Office word, Lotus Smart Suite, Outlook Express, MS Outlook Express, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe In-Design, Coral Draw, Word Pad, Not Pad, Internet Browser, Firefox Browser, etc. and he/she can use fonts supplied in Shree-Lipi.

In my next article, i will empower You on various attributes of fonts, types of fonts, their importance, their usage, etc. Please watch out for next article on coming Monday.

(Thoughts mentioned in above article are writer’s sole thoughts. You may agree, You may not. You can be connected with writer, Mr. Phadke Subodhkumar Narayan via email and his email ID is . Writer is associated with Modular InfoTech and writing is his passion apart from many activities that he do in his personal as well as professional life)

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